Life Energy—Saving the Lives of Children

Life Energy is a charitable foundation in St. Petersburg, Russia dedicated to giving children the joy of life, even when facing debilitating health traumas. With the support of philanthropists such as Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy, the foundation is able to fulfill its mission of improving the quality of life for children who are dealing with acute medical illnesses and life-threatening injuries. Life Energy’s founders and directors hope that through the intervention of the Foundation’s resources, children suffering from health events will not only receive the expert medical treatment they need, but their spirits will be lifted, giving them the strength to achieve a complete physical and emotional recovery.

  • Heart to Heart

    Established in 2014, the mission of Life Energy is to help children who are suffering from serious illnesses or accidents. The name was chosen as a way to reflect upon the transfer of energetic love that takes place between the heart of the donor and the heart of the recipient. For Life Energy’s founders, the idea of ignoring the suffering of children was an impossibility. Fortunately, even in this short span of time, the Foundation has been able to build strong partnership with other organizations and individuals who, like Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy believe in the obligation to give back to others.

  • A Powerful Roster of Partners

    The Life Energy Foundation solicits contributions from individuals and organizations which are used to pay the medical expenses of children, including surgeries, medicine and drug therapies, and out-patient care.

    Life Energy’s partners include: St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical University, Children’s City Clinical Hospital No. 5, GI Turner Pediatric Orthopedic Institute, Children’s City Hospital No. 19 and other leading medical facilities of St. Petersburg. It also partners with Amedaklinik German Medical Center and other charitable organizations.

    One of the focus points of Life Energy Foundation is retinopathy of prematurity, which is a disease prevalent in premature infants. The disease causes an abnormal development of blood vessels in the retina, causing it to detach from the rear of the eye, leading to blindness. Retinopathy of prematurity affects thousands of babies in Russia each year.

  • Matching Donors to Children in Need

    Foundations such as Life Energy are only able to operate and succeed in their missions with the help of individual donors. This is a fact well known to philanthropist Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy, who is committed to the heart energy transfer spoken about by the Foundation’s leaders.

    Due to his dedication and that of others, Life Energy has been able to intervene on behalf of quite a few children in the just the past few years. Examples include:

    • A child born with a rare genetic disease that results in the destruction of the lungs and liver. The only treatment was a very expensive inhibitor that costs 11,000 rubles for a single bottle, which must be administered once every 14 days. The Foundation succeeded in raising the money needed to pay for this life-saving drug therapy.
    • A young girl was hit by a car while crossing the street. The impact caused a large hole in her skull, which if left untreated would have resulted in her death. The only solution was a highly technical operation, using a special material to temporarily close the hole. Over the course of a year, the bone would replace its own tissue and permanently close the gap. The child’s mother was a single mother and would never have been able to afford the operation. Life Energy raised the funds to pay for the procedure.
    • A young boy was suffering from biliary hypertension, which was affecting his liver and causing hepatitis and hypothyroidism, both life-threating illnesses. The boy’s mother was raising three children on her own, two of whom were disabled. Funds to perform a biliary drainage, which was the only way to save his life, were out of the question. The Foundation raised the necessary funds and the operation was successful.
  • Life Energy financial support

    Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy, who is closely involved with Life Energy beyond his financial support, is looking forward to a future when the Foundation is able to respond to every case where an infant or child is suffering from a medical emergency they cannot afford.

    It requires a sustained effort by the Foundation and its supporters to increase the network of partnerships and donors so that no request goes unfunded.